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Investment Grade Seeds

Heirloom Organics Investment Grade Seed Packs are the Homestead Pack, featured in GQ’s Men.Style.com, and the very popular Non-Hybrid Farm Pack. These Packs provide bulk weight quantity and pricing, delivering wholesale value to the individual consumer or investor. It is well known that if the the value of cash declines, if economies decline, then commodities, particularly seeds, will skyrocket in value. Anything having to do with food and food supply will multiply in value in an extreme downturn. The Non-Hybrid, Non-GMO Homestead and Farm Packs are packaged for long term storage, viability and for trade in durable, sealed, waterproof, stackable storage buckets.

Many smart investors are moving their money from stocks to commodities like gold and seeds, and often from certificates to direct ownership. That means in your hand! Many smart investors are moving investing dollars into seeds to improve performance. That’s right! Seeds will likely outperform stocks in 2010 as an growth strategy for thriving in a downturn. Many smart investors are moving savings dollars into commodities like seeds to protect them. Just to keep their value! To reduce the risk of loss in the event of rapid loss in value of the U.S. dollar.

Heirloom Organics is the largest purveyor of exclusively non-hybrid (open pollinated) seeds in North America. we provide the freshest seed, with the most solid guarantee of origin and germination rates in the industry. These are vital concerns when investing in seed for savings and growth.

So, for the most dependable investment in non-hybrid seeds, see the Homestead and Farm Packs from Heirloom Organics.

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