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Ends on December 21st

Heirloom Organics presents the Family Window Garden and Fresh Food Supply Holiday Gift Packs

For a limited time get the Family Window Garden and Fresh Food Supply Holiday Gift Packs at a deep Holiday DISCOUNT!

The Family Window Garden contains a Complete MicroGreens Kit, a Professional Kitchen Herb Pack and an Herbal Tea Pack. Normally this costs $177, but for the Holiday season get this all for $149 with FREE SHIPPING. Hurry while supplies last.

The Indoor Fresh Food Supply contains the Complete MicroGreens Kit and 2, 1LB Sprouting Seed Packs. Normally $128. Buy now for $99 and get FREE SHIPPING!, offer good until 12/21/2014.

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City Survival Seed VaultEssential Garden VaultNon-Hybrid Seed Vault
Non-Hybrid Family PackNon-Hybrid Homestead PackNon-Hybrid Farm Pack

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Herbal Tea Seeds | Non-Hybrid Open Pollinated & Heirloom Tea Seeds
Non-Hybrid Kitchen Herb Pack
Kitchen Herb Pack 2Non-Hybrid Medicine Pack IMedicinal Herb Pack 2
Non-Hybrid Fruit Lovers PackNon-Hybrid Chili Lovers Pack Non-Hybrid Greens PackNon-Hybrid Tomato Lovers Pack
Non-Hybrid Salad PackLivestock PackHome MicroGreens Pack

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