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Non-Hybrid Arugula Seeds   Non-Hybrid Asparagus Seeds   Non-Hybrid Beet Seeds
Non-Hybrid Arugula Seed | Seeds of Life

This salad green adds a tangy, peppery or mustard-like flavor to salads and mesclun mixes.

  Non-Hybrid Asparagus Seed | Seeds of Life

Plantings of this perennial can last for decades, and the foliage makes it a natural for edible landscaping.

  Non-Hybrid Beet Seed | Seeds of Life

Easy-to-grow beets produce tasty roots for baking,
boiling or sautéing and fresh greens to boil or steam.

Non-Hybrid Bok Choy Seeds   Non-Hybrid Broccoli Seeds   Non-Hybrid Brussels Sprouts
Non-Hybrid Bok Choy Seed | Seeds of Life

Bok choyís mild flavor is great for stir fries. It is also perfect for edible landscaping.

  Non-Hybrid Broccoli Seed | Seeds of Life

Broccoli is grown for its edible, immature flower heads. It contains high levels of antioxidants.

  Non-Hybrid Brussels Sprouts Seed | Seeds of Life

Brussels sprouts look like miniature cabbages and form where the leaves meet the stems.

Non-Hybrid Cabbage Seeds   Non-Hybrid Carrot Seeds   Non-Hybrid Cauliflower Seeds
Non-Hybrid Cabbage Seed | Seeds of Life

Cabbage is grown for its head of leaves, which are eaten raw, cooked, or processed into sauerkraut.

  Non-Hybrid Carrot Seed | Seeds of Life

Carrots have been renowned for over 2,000 years for their health properties and high vitamin A content.

  Non-Hybrid Cauliflower Seeds | Seeds of Life

The most difficult of the cole crops to grow, cauliflower flourishes when temps. are moderate.

Non-Hybrid Celery Seeds   Non-Hybrid Chard Seeds   Non-Hybrid Chili Seeds
Non-Hybrid Celery Seed | Seeds of Life

Perhaps the most difficult vegetable to grow in many areas, this long-season crop must be started inside.

  Non-Hybrid Chard Seed | Seeds of Life

Grown for its tasty and nutritious leaves, chard is a good substitute for spinach in most recipes.

  Non-Hybrid Chili Seed | Seeds of Life

The many varieties of sweet and hot peppers thrive on
full sun, warm weather and well-drained soil.

Non-Hybrid Collard Seeds   Non-Hybrid Cress Seeds   Non-Hybrid Cucumber Seeds
Non-Hybrid Collard Seed | Seeds of Life

Collards are among the most heat tolerant of cole crops and its taste is improved by frost.

  Non-Hybrid Cress Seed | Seeds of Life

Itís peppery taste adds zing to salads, but hot weather makes this cool-season crop bitter and inedible.

  Non-Hybrid Cucumber Seed | Seeds of Life

Whether for pickling or slicing, cucumbers are easy to grow if you give them
good soil.

Non-Hybrid Eggplant Seeds   Non-Hybrid Endive Seeds   Non-Hybrid Kale Seeds
Non-Hybrid Eggplant Seed | Seeds of Life

Dramatic foliage and colorful fruits make this a good choice for ornamental beds and vegetable gardens.

  Non-Hybrid Endive Seed | Seeds of Life

Flat-leaved varieties are known as escarole, endives are known for their sharp, bitter taste.

  Non-Hybrid Kale Seed | Seeds of Life

The tender young leaves
from these fast-growing plants can be eaten raw, or cooked for soup & stir fries.

Non-Hybrid Kohlrabi Seeds   Non-Hybrid Leek Seeds   Non-Hybrid Lettuce Seeds
Non-Hybrid Kohlrabi Seed | Seeds of Life

The bizarre from-outer-space appearance makes it an eye-stopper in ornamental plantings.

  Non-Hybrid Leek Seed | Seeds of Life

Milder flavored than most other onion-family crops, you can mulch in fall for winter and spring harvest.

  Non-Hybrid Lettuce Seed | Seeds of Life

With the variety of colors, shapes and flavors available, your salads may never be the same.

Non-Hybrid Mustard Seeds   Non-Hybrid Okra Seeds   Non-Hybrid Onion Seeds
Non-Hybrid Mustard Seed | Seeds of Life

This green adds a peppery zing to salads, and makes an attractive addition to ornamental plantings.

  Non-Hybrid Okra Seed | Seeds of Life

Okra is grown for its immature pods, which are used for preparing soups or eaten as a cooked vegetable.

  Non-Hybrid Onion Seed | Seeds of Life

A cool-season biennial, the onion is grown for its edible bulbs and fit well in ornamental plantings.

Non-Hybrid Parsnip Seeds   Non-Hybrid Peppers Seeds   Non-Hybrid Potato Seeds
Non-Hybrid Parsnip Seed | Seeds of Life

Parsnips donít develop their sweet, nutty flavor until after enduring frosts and cold weather in fall.

  Non-Hybrid Peppers Seed | Seeds of Life

The many varieties of sweet and hot peppers thrive on full sun, warm weather and well-drained soil.

  Non-Hybrid Potato Seed | Seeds of Life

A nutritional mother lode, potatoes are easy to grow as long as they have full sun and moderate temperatures

Non-Hybrid Radicchio Seeds   Non-Hybrid Radish Seeds   Non-Hybrid Rhubarb Seeds
Non-Hybrid Radicchio Seed | Seeds of Life

The small red and white heads of this chicory family member form best in cool weather. It is a staple in Italian salads.

  Non-Hybrid Radish Seed | Seeds of Life

Easy to grow and ready to harvest in just 3 to 6 weeks. Winter varieties produce large, fall-harvested roots.

  Non-Hybrid Rhubarb Seed | Seeds of Life

This tart, easy-to-grow perennial is great for pies & jams, especially when coupled with strawberries.

Non-Hybrid Rutabaga Seeds   Non-Hybrid Scallion Seeds   Non-Hybrid Shallot Seeds
Non-Hybrid Rutabaga Seed | Seeds of Life

Easy-to-grow root crop is a favorite for fall and winter soups and dishes, & can also be used raw in salads.

  Non-Hybrid Scallion Seed | Seeds of Life

A young onion before the development of the bulb. Widely used in Chinese cooking.

  Non-Hybrid Shallot Seed | Seeds of Life

A gourmet favorite, these perennial onions produce a cluster of smaller bulbs instead of one large bulb.

Non-Hybrid Spinach Seeds   Non-Hybrid Squash Seeds   Non-Hybrid Tomato Seeds
Non-Hybrid Spinach Seed | Seeds of Life

This nutritious, cool-season crop is among the first greens ready to harvest, but itís quick to turn bitter.

  Non-Hybrid Squash Seed | Seeds of Life

Summer squash is an immature fruit eaten immediatly. Winter squash is a mature fruit stored for later.

  Non-Hybrid Tomato Seed | Seeds of Life

The most popular garden vegetable crop, tomatoes come in a wide range of
sizes, shapes and colors.

Non-Hybrid Turnip Seeds   Non-Hybrid Zucchini Seeds    
Non-Hybrid Turnip Seed | Seeds of Life

Spring turnip crops are best harvested while the weather is still cool. The flavor is improved by light frost.

  Non-Hybrid Zucchini Seed | Seeds of Life

A variety of squash having an elongated shape and a smooth, thin, dark green rind.Taste great in salads.




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