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Heirloom Organics
Retail Program

Spring is Here
Spring is here and even the “preparedness consumer” is thinking about gardening!
Of course, when the “preparedness consumer” thinks about “survival gardening” they think NON-HYBRID seeds. Heirloom Organics is pleased to provide our popular Non-GMO, Non-Hybrid Seed product line for resale in your establishment. Please read further to inquire.

About Heirloom Organics
Heirloom Organics is a professional seed supplier, specializing in Non-hybrid and Heirloom Seed, specifically prepared for long-term storage. We shipped our first seed pack in 1997, over 12 years ago. Heirloom Organics the #1 supplier of exclusively non-hybrid seeds in the United States. Heirloom Organics is a licensed seed dealer and host to the largest online organic growing guide on the internet.

About our Product Line
We have an EXTENSIVE product line which includes 4 main Seed Packs designed for from 1 person to 12 people, even farms. We support preparedness gardeners from City apartments to large farms. We have 12 Specialty Packs; supplying special needs like Kitchen and Medicinal Herbs, Chili, Tomato and Fruit Lovers, Bean and Grain Packs, and many others. Together they form the largest selection of seed options available today. Everyone knows when you have more products, you sell more products!

Our resellers love us because
  • We only have a handful of resellers. We are VERY Selective, reducing channel conflict
  • We have our own name recognition, advertising and demand-creation, generating ready-made customers who want our product. It benefits your name to associate with ours.
  • Our extensive product line allows for maximum Customer add-on and return sales. Over 50% of our sales are add-on
  • We provide drop shipping for some resellers.
  • We understand “channel sales” and do not compete with or create marketplace conflicts with our resellers. We take care of our resellers.
  • Our Seed Packs use an exclusive method for Long-term storage preparation. When you carry our seeds you have a feature no other seed supplier can provide.
  • Our products come in turn-key packaging that becomes it's own display unit.

Heirloom Organics welcomes inquires from established resellers. If you would like to carry the Heirloom Organics product line, with a minimum stocking purchase, please complete the form located here.


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